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NEWS Last modified on February 10, 2014

Light art exhibition being showcased at Denver International

Denver International Airport (DIA) is running a light art exhibition for passengers and visitors featuring work by local artists Dorothy Tanner and the late Mel Tanner.

The exhibition is entitled A Light Journey, and it is taking place at the Art Gallery on Level 5 of the Jeppesen Terminal, and runs until early May.

Among the art showcased in the seven days a week, 24 hours a day exhibition - is free standing, pedestal and wall-mounted light sculptures.

Most of the work is powered with LED lighting elements, while each sculpture stands alone as an artistic expression.

Dorothy Tanner’s focus was to integrate the works into a total environment, with installations that express a powerful visual and emotional sensibility.

DIA’s manager of Aviation, Kim Day, says: “It is our hope that passengers will take a moment and immerse themselves in the relaxing and intimate light environment of this exhibit.

“We also encourage our visitors to take a moment and experience another entertaining aspect of the airport, DIA’s Art Gallery.”

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