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NEWS Last modified on February 11, 2014

Business centre to open at Heathrow's Terminal 5

London Heathrow and global workspace provider Regus have announced plans to develop the first independent business centre at the world's third busiest airport.

Regus Express is set to open at Terminal 5 this summer and the opening is in response to a growing demand for ‘third place’ work locations where business travellers can check their emails, hold conference calls, meetings and print documents.

When opened, it will offer a quiet, professional business lounge with a co-working space, private workstations, to be known as ‘ThinkPods’ and secure WiFi, as well as meeting rooms available by the hour.

Stephen Wilkinson, Heathrow’s property director says: “We are delighted to welcome Regus Express to Heathrow.

“More business passengers pass through Heathrow than any other airport in the world, making the opening of this centre at Terminal 5 an innovative solution for our customers.”

Heathrow has also announced 5.4 million passengers passed through in January, up 3.8% on 2013, with seats per aircraft increasing 1.4%.

BRIC passengers were up 5%, China up 26% and Brazil up 6.8% and the largest rise was travellers from Mexico, up 26.8% on the previous year.

CEO Colin Matthews, says: "January's traffic figures reflect a strong start to the year and the increasing demand for long-haul routes to emerging market destinations such as Chengdu and Mexico City, that only a hub airport can support."

In 2013, Heathrow welcomed 72.3 million passengers.

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