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NEWS Last modified on February 12, 2014

Abu Dhabi invites retailers to bid to open in Midfield Terminal Building

Abu Dhabi Airports is inviting bids from retailers to open up in Abu Dhabi International Airport’s new Midfield Terminal Building (MTB).

The operator’s subsidiary company Abu Dhabi Duty Free, is seeking commercial partners for MTB, which it refers to as ‘the jewel in the crown’ of global aviation.

Retailers, food and beverage operators, and leading brands from around the world are invited to submit bids for commercial opportunities at the MTB.

A total of 28,000 sq. metres of space will be available, comprising of 18,000 sq. metres of retail and 10,000 sq. metres for food and beverage outlets.

Bidders will have the opportunity to build and brand their chosen space from a blank canvas, with no constraints of an existing outlet.

Abu Dhabi Duty Free will allow successful bidders from the retail and food and beverage sectors to work with international consultants to optimize allocated space and cater it to their own bespoke designs.

Abu Dhabi Airports, says the objective is for the MTB to be the ‘most modern, attractive and innovative airport terminal in the world’.

The MTB complex is forecasted to welcome more than 30 million passengers a year, and is expected to open in July 2017.

Mohammed Al Bulooki, chief commercial officer of Abu Dhabi Airports, says: "Abu Dhabi Airports is calling on ambitious, innovative retailers, food and beverage operators, as well as leading brands from all over the world to participate in this commercial process.

“Few opportunities like this exist to take advantage of such a unique and extensive commercial space, whose size and footfall make it so compelling.

“Abu Dhabi Airports looks forward to working with such partners to make Abu Dhabi's Midfield Terminal Building a jewel in the crown in the UAE's transport infrastructure."

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