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NEWS Last modified on February 13, 2014

Largest pay-in lounge at Vancouver International gets a makeover

The largest pay-in passenger lounge at Vancouver International Airport has been given a makeover.

After a five-month renovation, Plaza Premium Lounge (PPL) has brought it new concept, in the re-opening of its flagship international departure lounge.

Centrally located in the airport’s International Departures Hall, it measures 6,700 ft², and is the largest pay-per-use lounge in Canada.

The lounge, designed by Hong Kong designer Kinney Chan of Kinney Chan & Associates, is divided into several zones to provide travellers with multiple experiences and choices.

Song Hoi-see, founder and CEO of Plaza Premium Lounge Management Limited, says:  “We are excited to bring our latest generation lounge design to Vancouver.

“We have partnerships with many of the airlines providing flight service to Asia and Europe and we are certain their valued passengers will appreciate the distinctive design and luxurious amenities found within the lounge as will our many other guests who use the lounge.”

Guests can choose to take a seat at one of the sofa chairs, share a communal table, or appreciate the panoramic view of the runway through expansive windows.

Throughout there are computer workstations, where executives can use complimentary Wi-Fi, charge up their devices in one of the many power sockets or complete a transaction.

Plaza Premium Lounge has also introduced a new dining concept in the dining areas, with two separate dining areas comprise a range of food and beverage options, from a salad bar and buffet area to a noodle bar serving Hong Kong-style fish ball noodle soup.

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