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NEWS Last modified on February 21, 2014

North American airports support planned expansion of trusted traveller programme

ACI-NA and the Canadian Airports Council (CAC) have welcomed the joint commitment of the United States, Canada and Mexico to develop a North America-wide trusted traveller programme.

The initiative will build on the successes of the joint US-Canada Nexus programme and other trusted traveller programmes in North America and around the world.

According to the joint statement, the North American programme will be established in 2014 and start with mutual recognition of the three countries’ NEXUS, Global Entry, SENTRI and Viajero Confiable programmes.

“North America’s airports commend President Obama, Prime Minister Harper and President Peña Nieto for this landmark agreement,” says ACI-NA president and CEO Kevin Burke. 

“A North American trusted traveller programme is an important next step in strengthening the commitment to free trade and cultural exchange among the US, Canada and Mexico, and streamlining entry for participating passengers will help position air travel as a competitive, attractive option for tourists in all three countries.”

CAC's president, Daniel-Robert Gooch, notes: “North America’s airports have long supported the use of technology and innovative programmes to improve both security and the passenger experience.

"A North America-wide trusted traveller programme can dramatically improve the flow of frequent travellers between Canada, the US and Mexico by focusing border resources where they can be most effective.”

The announcement came during the North American Leaders’ Summit in Toluca.

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