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NEWS Last modified on February 27, 2014

Maplin electronics store to open at Glasgow Airport

Travellers to Glasgow Airport will soon be able to shop and browse at electronics retail store Maplin which is opening up.

The 1,000 sq ft store will open on Saturday, March 1 and is the firm’s first airport outlet, and will initially trade as part of a one-year trial.

The store is designed to encourage customer browse time, so they can look at products at their leisure and consider potential purchases, while in-store experts will also be on-hand to provide travellers with advice on all aspects of technology and electronics.

Passengers will find a tailored range of products and the store will feature three interactive Internet hubs, where shoppers can browse Maplin’s full product range and spend time at a play table, featuring products such as Maplin’s Raspberry Pi and a 3D printer.

The outlet will also offer a click-and-collect service enabling passengers returning to Glasgow to pick up orders, or get them delivered to their homes.

Francois Bourienne, commercial director at Glasgow Airport, says: “We are delighted Maplin has chosen Glasgow Airport to launch its first ever airport store.

“The new unit, which I am sure will be extremely popular with both passengers and staff alike, will be a welcome addition to our growing retail portfolio.”

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