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NEWS Last modified on February 28, 2014

Traffic at GAP airports in Mexico rise 12%

Mexico's Grupo Aeroportuario del Pacifico (GAP) has reported the number of passenger passing through its airports in the fourth quarter of 2013 rose 12% to 6.07 million.

GAP, operates 12 airports in the Mexican Pacific region, including Guadalajara International Airport, Los Cabos Airport, Tijuana International Airport and Puerto Vallarta International Airport.

It also reported a 70% rise in profit due to higher passenger numbers and a bigger tax rebate, which was $20.1 million, that it says reflected the 2014 fiscal reform.

The company says fourth quarter profit rose to $68.4 million and revenue in the quarter to the end of December also jumped 10.4% to $101 million.

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