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NEWS Last modified on January 20, 2011

Oslo unveils expansion plans

The governing board of Avinor has approved plans to upgrade Oslo Airport.

The governing board of Avinor has approved plans to upgrade Oslo Airport.

The decision paves the way for a two phase expansion programme that will raise the gateway’s design capacity from 17 million passengers per annum – exceeded by 2mppa in 2010 – to an initial 28mppa and then 35mppa.

“Since starting operations at Gardermoen in October 1998, Oslo Airport has experienced strong growth in traffic and, after 12 years of operations, reached traffic volume of approximately 19 million passengers yearly,” says Avinor.

“The airport has thus exceeded the traffic volume it originally was scaled for, and therefore needs to expand and develop to ensure an efficient and socio-economically sound transport system for domestic and international travel in Norway.”

The timing of the second phase of the airport’s development will be determined by the government which has to approve it, however, a construction start date of 2023 has already been mooted.

It is thought that 35mppa is Oslo Airport’s maximum capacity without the addition of a third runway.

In separate news, Avinor has named Dag Falk-Petersen as its new CEO. The former fighter pilot previously held the hot-seat at CHC Helikopter Service, one of the world’s largest helicopter services companies.

“In Dag Falk-Petersen, Avinor has acquired a CEO with considerable managerial experience and good knowledge of aviation,” states the airport.

“Avinor is faced with major operative and structural challenges and opportunities. The board is very satisfied that we have found a CEO with both sound strategic expertise and practical experience.

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