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NEWS Last modified on March 7, 2014

New 'interactive' perfume and cosmetics stores set for Singapore Changi

An innovative retail concept will help transform perfume and cosmetic stores at Singapore Changi Airport, according to designers.

RTKL, the global architecture, interiors and creative services firm, has been selected with operator Shilla Travel Retail, to design stores across the airport with MIT Mobile Experience Lab.

They will join forces to create a unique travel-retail model grounded in interactive shopping experiences as part of a six-year lease, covering 23 stores in four different terminals.

The largest store will comprise of two stores, a first for the duty-free sector and the design team focused on creating open circulation and allow brands to have a strong presence, amid the interactivity provided by cutting-edge retail technology.

The stores are expected to bring in around $4 billion into Singapore Changi over the course of the lease.

RTKL vice president, Kevin Horn, says: “Changi is known for being one of the most innovative airports in the world. The Changi Airport Authority always goes a step beyond what their competitors are doing and our concept reflects that with an interactive, one-of-a-kind customer experience that will set Shilla’s stores apart.”

The project win adds to RTKL’s travel-retail portfolio, which also encompasses the DFS Galleria Okinawa, the Shilla duty free store at Incheon International Airport, and the Lotte duty free store in Seoul.

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