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NEWS Last modified on March 11, 2014

Baseball exhibition showcased at Denver International

As the Colorado Rockies season opening day is just around the corner - a baseball themed exhibition has opened at Denver International Airport.

As part of the airport’s art and culture programme, A Show of Hands is taking place, which is a cast bronze exhibition including some of baseball’s greatest players.

The display is now on view in Jeppesen Terminal, Level 5 southeast, baggage claim area through to sometime in mid-July.

It has been brought to Denver International by local artist Raelee Frazier, who has made a career casting the hands of well-known public figures, many of them baseball players.

Features are bronze casts of the hands of baseball’s Todd Helton, 'Buck' O’Neil, Ted Radcliffe, Greg Maddux and 'Goose' Gossage are on display, with hands presented gripping a baseball bat, or baseball.

Also on view are the cast hands of NFL quarterback John Elway and Boston Pops Orchestra conductor Keith Lockhart, as well as several privately commissioned pieces.

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