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NEWS Last modified on March 12, 2014

New bids to be submitted for Myanmar airport

Work on the new Hanthawaddy International Airport in Myanmar faces additional delays because of a new project policy change, according to reports.

Reuters news agency says the short-listed competitors for the $1.1 billion job have to submit new bids.

A senior government transport ministry official is quoted as saying bidders have been invited to send in their tenders by April 22 for the development, that was targeted to finish by 2018, but would be put back.

In August, a consortium led by South Korea's Incheon Airport was named as the preferred bidder to build Hanthawaddy International, but those discussions were said to have broken down.

Other bidders include a consortium made of up Singapore's Changi Airport Planners, Yongnam Holdings and Japan's JGC, and a consortium made up of Vinci Airport of France and Taisei of Japan.

The official is reported as saying both Incheon and Yongnam had come up with suggestions on partially financing the project with development assistance, and the government took that into consideration.

Consortiums are aiming to win a 30-year public-private partnership to design, construct, operate and maintain the airport.

The order was estimated in August 2013 to be worth around $1 billion, for construction of an airport, 48 miles from Yangon, which is able to handle an annual passenger capacity of around 12mppa.

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