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NEWS Last modified on March 20, 2014

Government keeps Brisbane Airport curfew free

Brisbane Airport Corporation (BAC) has welcomed the Australian government's decision to keep Brisbane Airport curfew free.

CEO and managing director Julieanne Alroe, says placing a curfew would have closed the state's front door every night, damage the tourism industry and limit Queensland's economic growth.

She says it is the ‘right decision’ and BAC would not only meet all of the Commonwealth's recommended aircraft noise mitigation targets, but intended to exceed them.

Alroe explains: “We take very seriously the need to minimise the impact of aircraft noise on the Brisbane community.

“It is a very high priority and we will continue to lead the country in working with airlines, AirServices Australia and the community to find new ways to manage noise impacts.

"Brisbane is very lucky to have an airport that is so close to the city but whose operations have also been protected by wise planning decisions by city, state and federal planners over the decades."


Alroe adds it has meant fewer people living under flight paths than most other cities, and it has the largest non-residential buffer of any city in Australia.

She says the review of Brisbane Airport's 24-hour operations had shown that an overnight curfew would not address the majority of noise complaints - most of which occur in the evening and morning hours.

Alroe, adds: "A curfew would simply have pushed more traffic into those hours. The long term solution to overnight aircraft noise is our new parallel runway, which will provide air traffic control with the option of directing all incoming and outbound aircraft over the bay during the night-time hours."

The new runway is being built at Brisbane Airport at a cost of more than A$1.3 billion, and once operational in 2020, BAC expects people currently experiencing over-night aircraft over their homes will notice a reduction in aircraft noise.

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