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NEWS Last modified on March 24, 2014

Innovative bag drop facility installed at Edinburgh Airport

Edinburgh Airport has introduced a state-of-the-art bag drop facility which is the UK’s first multi-airline drop facility.

The technology has been installed to speed up the check-in process, and allow customers the chance to spend more time relaxing before their flight.


Ten brand new self-service kiosks have been installed, which allow passengers to weigh their baggage, print their own bag tag, and dispatch their luggage themselves.


It will be operated by easyJet and Flybe, and enables passengers to have control over all parts of their check-in experience.


A quick scan of a boarding pass prompts passengers to weigh their bag and a luggage tag will be printed, before easyJet and Flybe travellers are directed to the designated bag drop zone to dispatch the luggage themselves.


Manufactured by Phase5 Technology (PST), the innovative SONIC kiosks use touch screen and thermal printing technology.


Edinburgh Airport is the first in the UK to use web-based software to operate a fully common, shared bag drop facility for passengers.


It is part of a programme of investment at Scotland’s busiest airport to improve the experience for the passenger, which includes the installation of new technology.


Plans are underway to trial a baggage storage facility this summer, that will allow passengers to check-in their luggage days before their flight.


David Wilson, chief operating officer at Edinburgh Airport, says: “New ownership has allowed us to be creative in the way we look at the check-in process. A huge amount of research, engagement and investment has gone into this new process and we’re delighted to officially launch the first multi-airline common bag drop facility in the UK with our partners at easyJet and Flybe.


“At Edinburgh Airport we’re committed to enhancing the passenger experience and no doubt many will have seen the huge amount of change currently underway at our airport.


"We’re working hard to make the passenger experience the very best it can be and our new bag drop facility is just one of a number of exciting projects launching this year.”

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