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NEWS Last modified on March 24, 2014

Auckland and Christchurch airports hail government tourism framework

New Zealand’s two principal gateways have both committed to the government’s new framework to drive tourism and hailed the strategy.

The vital roles Christchurch Airport and Auckland Airport play in its development, have both been highlighted in the industry growth framework Tourism 2025, which was released today.

In the framework, Tourism Industry Association (TIA) has targeted an industry wide goal of contributing NZ$41 billion a year to the economy by 2025, that includes a focus on growing sustainable air connectivity and a 6% annual growth for the tourism sector.


Auckland Airport says it supports the new tourism growth framework and says it is committed to playing its part, and its chief executive, Adrian Littlewood, says: “Improving air service connectivity is of one the critical factors to grow our tourism industry.

“It is the catalyst for tourism growth for both domestic and international tourism. It also supports our national economy, with each daily international wide-body flight into New Zealand adding approximately NZ$140 million to GDP - much of which goes directly into the tourism industry.

“We will work closely with all airlines to identify new opportunities to grow routes and establish new markets," Littlewood explained.

Auckland Airport is investing in a 30-year development plan to grow from 14 million passengers today to 40 million in 2044.

Littlewood adds the vision of the future will be to ‘deliver the right capacity and the right customer experience’ to help New Zealand realise its tourism potential.

Christchurch Airport chief executive, Malcolm Johns, says the whole of the South Island of New Zealand has a part to play, and the airport is the ‘island’s front door to its people, experiences and iconic scenery’.

“There is no ‘reserved sign’ on a share of these opportunities for the South Island and it is important each tourism operator proactively finds a way to contribute to one part of another of Tourism 2025, and help us all claim our share of this growth story. Others will if we don’t.

“We are committed to working with these operators as partners, to grow tourism in New Zealand and ensure the South Island is part of this exciting growth story,” Johns says.

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