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NEWS Last modified on March 24, 2014

Six airports inducted into the ACI Roll of Excellence

ACI has announced this year’s inductees into the prestigious Director General’s Roll of Excellence.

The honour recognises those airports, which in the opinion of the passengers who participated in ACI’s Airport Service Quality (ASQ) Surveys, have consistently held service excellence as a top priority.

To qualify for inclusion, an airport must have been ranked on the ASQ Survey in the top five airports by size, or region for five of the last six years (2008-2013).

Since 2011, 21 airports have been inducted into the Airport Service Quality Roll of Excellence and this year the following six airports join the élite group:

- Cairo International Airport

- Sangster International Airport

- Dubai International Airport

- Keflavik International Airport

- Hyderabad Rajiv Gandhi International Airport

- Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport

Angela Gittens, director general, ACI World, says: “A focus on exceeding passenger expectations is crucial if airports are to remain competitive.

"These six inductees to the Airport Service Quality Roll of Excellence not only understand that passengers place a high value on customer service, but have also taken steps to ensure they are going above and beyond in this regard.

“I would like to congratulate these airports for their commitment to serving passengers; they are a testament to the effectiveness of the ASQ Survey, which provides the information airports need to improve the passenger experience.”

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