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NEWS Last modified on March 28, 2014

Denver International to switch off for Earth Hour

Denver International Airport will be turning off several prominent lights tomorrow as part of the global environmental initiative Earth Hour.

This is the second year that it has participated by turning off the illuminated DIA sign along Pena Boulevard, the illuminated sign marking the Jeppesen Terminal, and lights on the airport’s ‘Mustang’ statue.

The airport will first turn the LED sign along eastbound/inbound Pena Boulevard green, from 7.30-8.30 pm in a symbolic expression of Denver’s efforts to work toward a greener city and planet.

The sign, along with an illuminated sign at the entry to the Jeppesen Terminal and lights that illuminate the ‘Mustang’ statue, will then be turned off entirely from 8.30-9.30 pm in celebration of Earth Hour.

Denver is also encouraging its employees to turn off non-essential lights during Earth Hour.

Kim Day, Denver’s manager of aviation, says: “Earth Hour is an international day of education and a call to action with regard to our responsibility and the impact of our actions on our planet.”

“We at Denver International Airport are trying to reduce our carbon footprint and help our traveling public know how they can do the same,” Day adds.

The Earth Hour event will not affect operations at the airport, and the lights will be turned back on at the conclusion of the hour.

DIA will also celebrate Earth Day on April 22 with an educational and interactive booth located in the center of the Jeppesen Terminal.

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