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NEWS Last modified on April 1, 2014

Warsaw Chopin Airport hits 30,000 fans on Facebook

Warsaw Chopin Airport now has more than 30,000 fans on Facebook and an Instagram following approaching 1,000.

The airport is a Facebook leader when it comes to engaging with its fans, according to social media specialist Sotrender.

The firm says nearly 15% of all people following the airport’s profile over the last 30 days have actively interacted with the page by taking part in discussions, uploading own photos and information or recommending posts to other users.

Chopi’s fanpage scores high on interaction in the ‘travel’ category, topped only in Poland by TV presenter and journalist, Martyna Wojciechowska’s profile.

Radosław Żuk, director of Chopin Airport PR bureau, says: “This proves our profile is thriving and considered attractive, which is precisely what we want to achieve.”

The page mainly contains the latest news and interesting facts about the airport, as well as general information about air travel.

A photo gallery, daily weather forecast are provided every morning, and a monthly desktop calendar are the fans’ favourites.

Chopin Airport also has nearly 1,000 followers on Instagram, making it one of the top ten airport profiles in the world at in 7th position.

The airport also has a vibrant Twitter following with more than 33,000 followers, ranking it in 10th position.

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