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NEWS Last modified on April 4, 2014

New commercial zones opened at Montréal–Trudeau

Aéroports de Montréal (ADM) has announced the opening of new commercial zones at Montréal–Trudeau Airport.

The new restaurants and boutiques, are located in the public and international areas, and the operator says it significantly expands the commercial services available to passengers.

ADM opted for locally known store and restaurant brands such as Café Vasco da Gama, Archibald,Tristan, Cirque du Soleil, Découvrir Montréal and Les Délices de l’Érable.

There are also nationally and internationally branded restaurants and stores, including Vino Volo, Jugo Juice, Sushi Shop, The Source and Relay.

James Cherry, CEO of ADM, says: “Boutiques and restaurants have become an integral part of the airport experience and the pleasures of travel, and airports are now striving to set themselves apart by offering distinctive brands.

“At Montréal–Trudeau, we made the decision to offer our passengers a unique and local experience that truly embodies Montréal and Québec, rather than something generic.”

ADP says it wanted the revamp to reflect the unique local character in the commercial offering at Montréal–Trudeau, which can also be seen in the new duty-free store located in the international area.

The area was redeveloped in partnership with Aer Rianta International, and The Loop duty-free store has been completely redesigned in a contemporary style, and now features a sculpture of a moose by a Québec artist.

As part of the revamp, ADM has also installed new digital screens in locations throughout the terminal, where passengers can check flight schedules, and other airport information.

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