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NEWS Last modified on April 14, 2014

Leeds Bradford launches 'tweeting departure board’

Leeds Bradford Airport has launched a smartphone app, which shares live flight information via Twitter.

The tool communicates arrival and departure information directly to the Twitter user, and was developed by KMP Digitata.

Leeds Bradford explains it has introduced it to ‘enhance the customer experience’ by making use of the real-time capabilities of the social media website.

The app will benefit travellers, who can receive updates directly to their device as they appear on the airport’s departure boards, as well as those collecting arriving passengers, who can also request updates for flights arriving.

The Twitter user, follows @LBIAirport and is followed back, and the app relies on the use of direct messaging (DM), so information can be shared between the customer and Leeds Bradford.

Passengers send a DM beginning with the word ‘flight’ followed by the flight number, and updates are then automatically shared with the user by DM, until the aircraft has either departed or landed.

Simon Kenworthy, digital executive at Leeds Bradford, commented: “Passengers are increasingly relying on their mobile devices and social media to source information, Leeds Bradford Airport’s customers can now receive important flight information directly to their device via Twitter.

“I am delighted to launch this application; it will enhance the customer experience by utilising the real time capabilities of Twitter to communicate updates for both incoming and outbound flights.”

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