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NEWS Last modified on April 17, 2014

FoodPlaza F&B opens at Hong Kong International

Passengers departing from Hong Kong International Airport now have a new casual dining F&B option to frequent after a FoodPlaza opened up.

The new concept has been launched by Plaza Premium Lounge, and gives travellers the chance to enjoy some diverse culinary options.

FoodPlaza is situated alongside a breath-taking view over the airport apron, and is located near Gate 36, and made up of four brands: The Terrace Express, Lee Fa Yuen Express, The Green Market Express and Moon Bar.

The Terrace Express offers visitors a final chance to enjoy local Cantonese favourites before departure, while Hong Kong favourite Lee Fa Yuen Express, Terminal 1’s only Korean restaurant, is home to Korean favourites.

The Green Market Express offers slow pressed fresh juices and nutritious salads, and the MoonBar offers a full bar offering in a relaxed tall-table setting, where a glass of wine and beer and rustic charcuterie platters and hot sandwich can be enjoyed.

Plaza Premium Lounge explains it will also be rolling out the new concept to an airport in Malaysia this summer.

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