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NEWS Last modified on April 24, 2014

Peel Group takes full control of Liverpool John Lennon Airport

Liverpool John Lennon Airport (JLA) has today announced a change to the structure of its ownership.

The Peel Group, which previously held a 35% shareholding in Vantage Airports UK, the current owners of JLA, has reached an agreement to acquire the remaining 65% stake from Vantage Airport Group.

This change of ownership is effective immediately and Peel will now become the sole owner of the Airport Company.

Over the past four years, under the ownership of Vantage Airport Group, JLA has undergone significant improvements.

Vantage now wishes to focus on projects that position the company for growth in North America and other markets.

Peel believes by investing in JLA, the business can be taken to the next level, attracting new airlines and new services by capitalising on the excellent operational and commercial performance.

It will remain business as usual for airport employees, airlines and passengers, with JLA continuing to serve the needs of the travelling public in Merseyside and the North West.

Matthew Thomas, CEO of Liverpool John Lennon Airport, explains: “The airport is a key project in Peel’s Ocean Gateway programme, which will see £50 billion (€60 billion) of investment in the North West.

“As part of one of the region’s largest and most successful organisations, the airport now enters an exciting period in its development as we work with partners across the city region to grow services and passenger numbers.”

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