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NEWS Last modified on April 30, 2014

Aviation's airport carbon accreditation programme gathering momentum

An ever increasing number of gateways are using the Airport Carbon Accreditation to reduce their carbon emissions, according to ACI.

Speaking today at the Global Sustainable Aviation Summit in Geneva, ACI Europe’s director general, Olivier Jankovec, revealed that 96 airports in four continents are now certified under the scheme.

“With the programme focused on continuous improvement in reducing CO2 emissions, it is also great to see so many participating airports advancing year after year towards carbon neutrality,” said Jankovec.

“These airports are truly leaders in terms of addressing our industry’s impact on Climate Change.

“Today’s announcement that Amsterdam Schiphol, Europe’s fourth busiest airport, has just achieved carbon neutrality is big news, as it is the largest airport to have reached this level of certification.

“It shows what can be done in less than five years, when CO2 reduction is deemed a top priority and embedded in corporate culture.”

Venice, Treviso, Naples and Groningen Eelde are among the latest  of 80 airports in Europe to be certified under Airport Carbon Accreditation programme.

Several established participants in the programme have also succeeded in moving up a level of certification. They include Eindhoven Airport, which has became the first carbon neutral airport in the Benelux earlier this year.

While Athens, Hamburg and Farnborough have all succeeded in moving up another level of certification to level 3,‘Optimisation’.

Meanwhile, Cork and Rome Ciampino also succeeded in their attempts to reach the ‘Reduction’ level.

Outside of Europe, the recent pace setters have included Sharjah in the UAE, which has recently become certified at the ‘Mapping’ level; Kaohsiung in Taiwan, which has entered the programme at the ‘Reduction’ levell and Bangkok Suvarnabhumi, which has upgraded to the same level.

Elsewhere, Incheon in South Korea has joined India’s Bangalore–Kempegowda and Delhi-Indira Gandhi gateways in earning 'Optimisation' certification – the highest certification without using offsets.

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