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NEWS Last modified on May 7, 2014

End of the line for passenger terminal at Montreal-Mirabel

Aéroports de Montréal (ADM) has issued a call for tenders for the dismantling of the Montreal-Mirabel Airport passenger terminal building.

The terminal has been vacant since 2004, and is located on 15 acres of the 6,000-acre airport site.

The move by ADM follows 10 years of working with local and international partners to find a new role for the disused building.

Reports by Groupe Altus and ARUP have found the terminal is totally ‘outdated’ and its potential for recovery and conversion to purposes other than airport operations is ‘virtually nil’ and ‘economically unjustified’.

Tenders received will be studied by a committee made up of internal specialists, and external consulting engineers, who will then make a recommendation to the ADM management committee.

The recommendation to award a contract will be submitted for the approval of the board of directors at its meeting on September 16, 2014.

ADM explains it has held several meetings with interested parties since February, on a trade-fair centre proposal for the building, which was put forward by the Mayor of Mirabel and Société de gestion Montréal-Mirabel (SOGEMM).

Furthermore, at the request of the Mayor and SOGEMM, ADM has offered to assign the building to them for C$1 as part of a memorandum of agreement presented and discussed on April 30, 2014, and the group has until September 16, 2014, to accept, or reject the offer.

ADM says it has received numerous proposals in the decade since the closing of the Mirabel terminal, including the establishment of the trade-fair centre.

That particular project was rejected, because it would have been largely dependent on future hypothetical government subsidies.

ADM explains that none of the many projects submitted would have been profitable or feasible.

The airport operator says from a business standpoint, the only logical solution at this point is to dismantle the terminal building, as it is ‘outdated and unsalvageable’.

ADM adds too much money (more than C$30 million) has already been sunk into it, so the underlying land can be redeveloped, creating added value and quality jobs.

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