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NEWS Last modified on May 7, 2014

Public awareness campaign launched by Los Angeles International

Los Angeles World Airports has launched a new public outreach campaign to inspire and inform travellers and nearby residential communities about the multi-billion dollar modernisation programme.

Themed ‘LAX is Happening’, the campaign features new resources, tools and tips to help the public navigate anticipated traffic impacts and airport construction-related closures at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) over the next two years.

Los Angeles Mayor, Eric Garcetti, says: “Los Angeles is a world-class city that deserves a first-class airport, and we want the world to know what we’re doing to make that happen.

“Because of Los Angeles’ importance as an international travel destination and economic hub, it’s critical that we keep the public informed about LAX improvements and any inconveniences that might bring about.”

Major projects currently planned or underway include construction of a secured T4 Connector between Terminal 4 and the new $1.9 billion Tom Bradley International Terminal.

Others include a $118 million Curbside Appeal Project, which will provide an upgraded exterior in the Central Terminal Area (CTA) loop; a number of new traffic safety and roadway improvements; and demolition and completion of a new central utility plant to more efficiently heat and cool all airport locations.

A new website www.LAXisHappening.com  has been set up to help guide and connect visitors to information, and features real-time traffic and road closure maps, traffic tips, videos, and information on the planned upgrades.

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