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NEWS Last modified on May 14, 2014

Second phase of London Stansted transformation announced

The second phase of the London Stansted Airport terminal transportation project will see new services infrastructure for 46 new retail units.

SPIE UK’s building services division has been awarded the contract, which will see the firm complete the work over three phases.

The building services team will provide construction, mechanical, HVAC, electrical and plumbing services to the retail spaces, as part of phase two of Stansted’s £80 million (€95 million) redevelopment plan to transform the existing space aimed at providing travellers with a first class retail experience.

The transformation has already seen the development of a state-of-the-art security area and a complete redesign of the international departure lounge, providing additional latest design seating areas, together with an extensive variety of shops and restaurants for customers.

Matt Allen, head of development & construction at Stansted Airport, explains: “SPIE was selected to carry out this project because of the wealth of experience and high quality work the company has demonstrated in the aviation market.

“With proven in-depth knowledge, experience and expertise, plus a strong track record of delivering on time and within budget, we are sure that SPIE will strengthen the terminal transformation delivery team.”

James Thoden van Velzen, CEO of SPIE UK, says he is confident the form’s building services team will be successful in supporting Stansted’s development plan to ensure an ‘exceptional customer experience’.

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