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NEWS Last modified on May 19, 2014

Airports continue to gain Twitter followers and Facebook likes

Communicating through social media websites such as Facebook and Twitter is increasingly becoming a key tool for airports around the globe.

London Heathrow Airport tops the list with 220,377 Twitter followers at the end of April - making it the world’s most followed gateway.

This was according to the study Twittairport, undertaken by the website solterbeck.net, which assessed the Twitter accounts of airports across the globe.

The study analysed the 680 hubs that had accounts in April that tweet and interact on the social networking site.

Gatwick Airport has the second most followers with 120,688, while Manchester Airport has the third highest with 110,091.

Other airports making the top ten were Los Angeles International Airport in sixth spot with 61,762, while Dubai Airports was eighth with 60,381.

Twittairport says airports across the 680 accounts in April had a combined 2,768,686 followers, up 3.56% on March.

The airports on Facebook with the most likes are currently Singapore Changi Airport with 368,289, and second is Amsterdam Schiphol with 258,830.

Coming in third is Los Angeles International Airport with 231,962, fourth is Frankfurt Airport with 202, 054, and fifth is Dubai International with 196,792, while London Heathrow has 127,842 Facebook likes.

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