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NEWS Last modified on May 27, 2014

Record results in 2013 at Malta International

Malta International Airport plc Malta International Airport plc

Malta International Airport has announced record results for the year ending December 31, 2013.

At the company’s AGM last week, shareholders approved a total net dividend of €0.075 per share, representing a net payment of €10.1 million.

Malta International chairman Nikolaus Gretzmacher, also assured the firm’s ongoing commitment to translate the support from shareholders into tangible results.

Results are also said to be reflected through the contribution of the Malta International to the government of €10.11 million, in the form of dividend distribution on the 20% shareholding, and in annual taxation.

The overall business growth achieved in 2013 mirrored the record number of passengers arriving at the gateway, with a rise of 10.5% over the previous year, after more than four million passengers travelled through the airport for the first time in one year.

“The largest increase in absolute passenger numbers was registered in the shoulder and winter seasons, meaning that our efforts to make Malta an all year round destination are bearing fruit,” explains Gretzmacher.

He adds the increase in passenger traffic also illustrates the efforts by the airport and its key stakeholders to secure better connectivity to the Maltese islands.

By the end of 2013, Malta was connected to 94 destinations by 28 commercial passenger carriers.

The retail and property segment registered a substantial increase, growing by 21% in revenues, driven mostly by the rental income from SkyParks Business Centre, which by the end of 2013 had almost all its floor space leased out.

In his review for the year, CEO, Markus Klaushofer, also highlighted the financial results of the company, which he says were positively impacted by strict group wide cost control throughout the year particularly on operating costs.

Klaushofer explained the growth in passenger movements and the healthy business mix between legacy, low cost and charter carriers as well as its continuous efforts to attract new airlines and develop new routes.

“All areas of our operations have registered significant growth, showing that we have been successful in balancing our airline portfolio, maximising the potential of all business units and diversifying our offering to various customer segments” explains Klaushofer.

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