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NEWS Last modified on June 12, 2014

New terminal opens at Fort McMurray International

Fort McMurray International Airport has opened a sparkling new terminal after three years of construction and an investment of C$258 million.

Canada’s fastest growing community opened the doors to the new Air Terminal Building (ATB) on Monday, which is the size of two and a half Canadian football fields.

The new terminal is five times the size of the old structure, and a redevelopment of the gateway’s surrounding areas has also been carried out as part of the renovation project.

Fort McMurray MLA, Don Scott, explains: “We are one of the fastest growing municipalities in North America and we need to make sure that our infrastructure is keeping pace with our growth."

Located south of the existing runway, the new terminal building will address the demand and accommodate future growth.

Last year the airport handled 1.2 million passengers, but the new facility has capacity to handle 1.5 million, significantly higher than the old facility’s capacity of 250,000.

The new development is said to be important for the municipality of Wood Buffalo, which has reportedly experienced a 75% rise in air passenger traffic since 2010.

The old airport terminal will be used for workforce transportation and is expected to transport approximately 275,000 people every year, while the new terminal may also require further developments over the next five years.

Among the retail and F&B options for passengers are the restaurants Earls and Famoso Pizzeria, plus Starbucks, Tim Hortons, Jugo Juice, Mary Brown’s Famous Chicken, Burger King, Subway, and a duty free store.

In 2016 a four-star hotel will open, which will be connected to the ATB via a climate-controlled pedway.

Infrastructure includes 2,200 parking spaces, four aircraft bridges, and eight aircraft parking stands, features a new commercial and light industrial developable land available on-airport on 1,267 acres.

Fort McMurray is Canada’s 16th busiest airport and is the fastest growing gateway in the country.

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