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NEWS Last modified on June 25, 2014

Plans for a new Mexico City Airport being reviewed

Image courtesy of Teodoro González de León and TAX by Alberto Kalach Image courtesy of Teodoro González de León and TAX by Alberto Kalach

Mexican air transport ministers are reviewing design plans for a new $9.23 billion Mexico City Airport, according to reports.

Plans reportedly involve a six-runway gateway to be built near to Lake Texcoco with operations targeted to begin by 2018, to replace the capacity bursting Benito Juarez Airport.

The current airport, Latin America's second busiest after Sao Paulo's Guarulhos International Airport, regularly exceeds maximum operating capacity, and a new city airport has been discussed for years.

Consortiums have submitted bids to design the airport’s terminal, including Mexican and international architects such as Foster + Partners and Fernando Romero, and Teodoro González de León and TAX, led by Alberto Kalach.

Competitors were invited to present their tenders in November, and in January, the consortia were asked to submit market studies detailing design plans and costs by April, and the Mexican government is expected to announce a winner for the tender sometime in July this year.

Government transport ministers have already developed an airport master plan for Mexico City by engineering consultancy group Arup, proposing a four-runway and one terminal gateway serving 30 million passengers by 2018, when it would replace the current airport.

By 2060, the plan says, the airport would be upgraded to include six runways and two terminals to handle 60 million passengers, with a train linking the terminals.

Mexican government transport minister Gerardo Ruiz Esparza, is previously reported as saying work could begin this year on the project, which the government says would be financed with private and public money.

The existing Mexico City Airport handled a record 31.5 million passengers in 2013.

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