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NEWS Last modified on July 7, 2014

Bologna Airport to close on September 15 and 16

Bologna Airport will be closed on September 15 and 16 while maintenance of the runway takes place.

Works will include the remaking of traffic signs, the runway surface and inner layers and the pavement of the landing strip.

The Italian gateway says from September 8-14 works will only take place at night – from 12.01-5.45am, with regular services and facilities to take place for all flights operating from 5.46am to 12.00pm.

On September 15 and 16 works will proceed throughout the 24 hours with runway closure from 12.01am to 12.00pm and consequent interruption of all flight activities.

Bologna Airport explains maintenance activity dates have been selected on the basis of technical, weather and operative reasons, and night-time works have been chosen, when possible, to minimise their effects on the airport’s activities.

On September 15 and 16 no flights on arrival, or on departure will be scheduled from Bologna Airport.

The gateway recently completed a two-year makeover of its passenger terminal that has seen 80% of it restyled and the size increased by more than 5,000sqm.

The renovation and extension works in the €26 million development, have taken the gateway’s capacity to 7.5 million passengers.

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