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NEWS Last modified on July 10, 2014

Sheremetyevo International selects AECOM for expansion projects

Sheremetyevo International Airport has selected AECOM to implement a new Terminal B and Inter-Terminal Communication development projects as it expands before the 2018 FIFA World Cup.

The management of Terminal B Sheremetyevo and SP Sheremetyevo Inter-Terminal Passage signed two agreements with the transportation project management firm on July 8.

They include construction of a new Terminal B of the Northern Terminal Complex (NTC) and Inter-Terminal Passage, the passenger and luggage tunnels between STC and NTC.

Partnership agreements are valid until 2017, which is the estimated deadline of the implementation of developments at the Russian gateway.

The airport says AECOM will provide a scope of construction project management services: coordination and control over design works, control over surveys execution, arrangement and coordination of technical supervision.

Also, as per the town planning code of the Russian Federation, elaboration and approval of works schedule, control over compliance with the requirements of author and technical supervision, and facilities acceptance.

Previously Sheremetyevo International Airport and AECOM successfully co-operated on two key projects - construction of Sheremetyevo Terminal E and the new terminal at Vladivostok International Airport.


Terminal B will be 100,000 square metres, and its capacity will be 15mppa, while the tunnels (the passenger and luggage ones) will be 2138 metres each, connecting the northern and the southern areas of the gateway.

Airport officials say construction of the new terminal in the northern area of Sheremetyevo will ensure increase in passenger traffic to 53mppa by 2023 while maintaining a high level of service.

An airport spokeswoman, explains: “Tunnel capacity will enable it to service the whole scope of transfer passenger flow between the STC and NTC.

“Opening of inter-terminal passenger and luggage passage will considerably decrease the minimal connection time and will many times increase the speed of passenger transfer and luggage transportation between the terminals.

“Enhanced logistics between the terminals will make Sheremetyevo even more attractive for carriers and passengers.

“The projects are delivered within the framework of preparation to the FIFA World Cup to be held in Russia in 2018.”

Sheremetyevo International Airport handled more than 29 million passengers in 2013, which was a rise of 11.7% compared to 2012.

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