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NEWS Last modified on July 17, 2014

Spain's largest luxury shopping area opens at Madrid Barajas

Aelia Retail España claims that its new multi-brand fashion gallery in Terminal 1 at Madrid Barajas is the largest luxury shopping area at a Spanish airport.

Covering an area of 1,050sqm, Aelia says The Fashion Gallery is purpose built for the long-distance traveller who "adores fashion and luxury goods”.

It features 21 top-of-the-range brands  in the jewellery, watch, accessories and prêt-à-porter good categories, which the operator argues makes for “a unique shopping area that is elegant, sophisticated and exceptional”.

It states: “The gleaming façade of the store with its sinuous curve is completely open, providing a warm welcome to customers.

“The canopy continues in black lacquer, crowned with a refined golden light and the effect is like a chain that marks the tone of this store; warm and elegant hues using noble, black, gold, bronze and beige materials... a palette inspired by the 1930s, timeless and chic.”

Entering the shopping area through the front entrance, the iconic jewellery brands of Bvlgari and Omega can be seen at the sides, while Loewe, the Spanish luxury brand par excellence, can be found in the centre.

The store’s plush interior includes three black veined marble corridors, which lead customers to the central area.

These corridors are in fact a fundamental part of the concept as they make their impact through their lighting and the layout of the brands as real ‘catwalks’.

This central area is occupied by Tag Hauer, Longines, Baume & Mercier, Hamilton, Rado, Majórica, Swarovski and precious porcelain brand Lladró, which will display its unique and special pieces. 

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