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NEWS Last modified on July 18, 2014

New retail outlets opened at Auckland Airport

In response from increased demand expressed by travellers, Auckland Airport says it has increased its retail offering by opening two new outlets in the International Terminal.

They include, natural products company Comvita, also the world's leading the Manuka honey manufacturer, which is targeting Chinese travellers with its new retail kiosk.

Also joining the expanding range of retail outlets is JuicyDetails, with a new kiosk offering fresh food and drinks and healthy alternatives to fast food.

Richard Barker, Auckland Airport's general manager retail and commercial, says: "Auckland Airport is proud to support a growing number of New Zealand brands in its retail area in the International Terminal.

"Comvita joins other New Zealand brands and products including Living Nature, Trilogy, Nature Baby and Icebreaker and jewellery brands Karen Walker, Boh Runga and Nick von K.

“We also have several Kiwi food suppliers like Shaky Isles on premise, plus art from leading artists such as Dick Frizzell and Ralph Hotere. Comvita is certainly in good company by joining us at Auckland Airport."

As for JuicyDetails, Barker, adds: "Travellers often want something quick and easy to eat that is healthy too, particularly before a long overseas flight. JuicyDetails fills that niche."

In total there are now 75 retail outlets located at New Zealand’s busiest gateway’s two terminals.

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