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NEWS Last modified on July 18, 2014

Clear Channel to transform advertising at Toronto City Airport

City Centre Terminal Corp (CCTC) has awarded Clear Channel Outdoor Company Canada (CCOC) a 10-year contract to provide an advertising programme at Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport’s (BBTCA) passenger terminal.

The BBTCA contract is effective September 1, 2014 and with Toronto Pearson, Vancouver International and Canadian Regional Airports already in its portfolio, CCOC aims to help brands reach nearly two-thirds of passenger volume travelling annually through Canadian airports.

Michael Deluce, executive vice president and chief commercial officer, CCTC, explains: “Clear Channel Outdoor global airports experience will bring a new level of sophistication to the passenger terminal experience. This includes advertising and traveller amenities, while enhancing terminal revenue.”

The new partnership and digital makeover at the BBTCA terminal includes the latest in display and interactive technologies to make travel more enjoyable for passengers.

CCOC says it will provide local, regional and global advertisers with an interactive media platform to better promote their products and services.


Toby Sturek, executive vice president, specialty businesses, Clear Channel Outdoor-North America, adds: “Our plan includes introducing modern conveniences for passengers and energy conscious designs and digital media concepts that render advertisers critical audience engagement opportunities while delivering a vital revenue stream to the airport terminal.”

CCOC will install five large-format digital displays throughout the airport terminal, which it says allows brands to connect with passengers in new and more meaningful ways.

Interactive advertiser displays will be encouraged capitalising on passenger dwell time and creating engagement opportunities for marketers.

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