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NEWS Last modified on July 22, 2014

Heathrow launches property and noise consultation

Heathrow has launched a 12-week consultation with local residents and businesses, asking their views on how the gateway should shape a proposed compensation package if a third runway is built.

As part of its updated submission to the Airports Commission in May, Heathrow committed to a £550 million fund for new noise and property compensation schemes if the world’s third busiest hub gets the go-ahead.

The consultation will seek views from people on how that compensation fund should be used.

It was launched yesterday (July 21) and runs until October 12, and will be supported by a series of public exhibition events across the local area with 180,000 households and businesses to be contacted in the next week with details of how to take part.

Chief executive, John Holland-Kaye, explains: “We believe our proposal to expand Heathrow is the right way to deliver the capacity Britain needs to connect to fast growing economies around the world.

“This must go hand-in-hand with treating those most affected by a third runway fairly. This consultation provides local people with an opportunity to let us know their views to develop the right compensation scheme.”

The consultation Heathrow says is a continuous part of its engagement with the local community throughout the Airports Commission process and follows on from a public consultation earlier in the year around improving the proposal for a new runway to the northwest of the Airport.

The results will then be shared with the Sir Howard Davies led commission for its independent review.

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