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NEWS Last modified on July 23, 2014

Halifax International introduces self-service bag drop

Halifax Stanfield International Airport has become the first airport in North America to offer self-service baggage drop for all travellers.

The gateway says it worked closely with its airline partners to develop this new passenger-processing model.

The new baggage drop system was part of a larger project that saw modernization of the baggage handling and screening equipment and renovations to the terminal building, to upgrade and expand both the domestic/international and US pre-clearance check-in halls.

Joyce Carter, Halifax International Airport Authority (HIAA), president & CEO, explains: “This new, fully automated, self-serve baggage drop system uses the latest technology to simplify the check-in process for airline passengers.

“With airline customer service agents available to assist passengers if necessary, this improved level of service speeds up the check-in process and makes it possible for passengers to avoid line ups at counters.

“We saw this as an opportunity to be an industry leader, offering an enhanced, time-saving service to our passengers."

The new baggage handling system, which integrates with the new self-serve baggage drops, was supplied by the Buemer Group, and its space-saving design aims to deliver higher capacity, more sophisticated baggage handling capabilities, and the latest baggage screening technology.


Michael Healy, HIAA vice president infrastructure & commercial development, comments: “With increased capacity, enhanced safety and security, and improved efficiency, this system will serve us well for years to come.”

Both the domestic/international and US pre-clearance check-in halls have been renovated at HIAA to create more room for passenger flow, new equipment and processes, and future growth.

At the domestic/international check-in end of the terminal building (south end), a contemporary look for the building exterior has altered the airport landscape.

The two-story glass façade brings natural light into the space with architecture that is consistent with the rest of the terminal.

Improvements are part of HIAA’s 10-year capital plan: “As a key driver in regional economic growth, it’s vital to ensure Halifax Stanfield continues to meet the needs of our current and future passengers and visitors and adapts to the long-term requirements of our airline partners,” adds Carter.

Last year, HIAA handled more than 3.58 million passengers.

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