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NEWS Last modified on July 29, 2014

Miami International in top five for small business contract awarding

Miami International Airport is one of the top five US airports for awarding contracts to new small businesses, according to an audit by the US Department of Transportation’s Office of the Inspector General.

The gateway added seven new disadvantaged business enterprise (DBE) and airport concession DBE (ACDBE) firms in fiscal year 2012, which was the third-highest number among 64 of the nation’s largest hubs, the audit found.

Miami International and the other four top airports accounted for nearly half of the 83 new DBE/ACDBE firms receiving contracts at 64 of the largest US airports in fiscal year 2012, with only Phoenix, 14, and Atlanta, 10, adding more.

The North Terminal Marketplace area, scheduled to open this winter between gates D-24 and D-26, will add a further six new ACDBE firms.

The concession area will provide Caribbean and Mediterranean food, stone crabs, empanadas and Cuban-style cigars, in an effort to celebrate Miami-Dade County’s diverse demographics.

Miami International was highlighted in the audit as one of the few airports that conducts regular outreach events, to inform contractors and vendors about upcoming business opportunities and offers educational programs to help DBEs understand the airport bidding and certification process.

Miami-Dade aviation director, Emilio González, comments: “We are extremely proud of our track record for small business participation at MIA, and we look forward to adding even more.

“As the top economic engine in Miami-Dade County, Miami generates more than $32 billion in revenue, with small businesses receiving a significant percentage of that income.”

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