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NEWS Last modified on July 29, 2014

Nearly 10 million passengers used Brazilian airports during World Cup

Almost 10 million passengers were handled at around 20 Brazilian airports during the 31 days of the FIFA World Cup in June and July, Brazil’s ministry of civil aviation has reported.

The ministry explains that air transport worked "normally" during the event despite the notable increase in aircraft trips and the high demand from travellers.

Flying was the main means of transport for tourists in Brazil, due to the large distances between the cities hosting the World Cup matches, and the ministry says the cities most visited were Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, Belo Horizonte and Brasilia.

Despite concern over Brazil’s airport infrastructure during the World Cup, 76% of foreign airport users approved of the facilities and average flight delays of services were 6.9%, which is lower than the European average in 2013.

Over the last three to four years, BRL11.3 billion (€3.78 billion) has been spent on upgrading gateways in Brazil, adding 1.4 million square million of apron, 270 new aircraft parking spaces, and 400,000 square metres of new terminal area to infrastructure.

State operator Infraero, is also reported in local media as saying competitiveness is a priority, while a third airport for São Paulo is in the planning process, and further alternate facilities for congested airports at major cities is needed.

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