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NEWS Last modified on July 31, 2014

Innovative staff app launched by UK airport services provider

UK airport service provider OmniServ has launched an innovative web app for staff to present relevant information to passengers based on the role they are performing at gateways.

The technology has been designed with a view to connect OmniServ's workforce across all terminals and locations throughout the departures, arrivals and connections journeys, including at Heathrow, Glasgow, Manchester and Leeds Bradford airports.

The app has been optimised to work over 3G and the software designed for use on electronic devices such as iPads, and smartphones.

It has been created to enable OmniServ staff to engage with customers in the airport environment without interrupting the service delivery with long and complex feedback and data capture reports.

Key features include unique staff member logins; a ‘frequently asked questions’ section, and a ‘shift impactors’ sections, which provides a quick way of logging anything that impacted service delivery during the shift.

Employees can also share and promote the Heathrow app, while it features an ‘incidents’ function, that includes an automated email alert to the relevant health and safety department.


The goal of the app is to enable staff to share key information from different locations across the airport to enable proactive preparation for sudden influxes of passengers and dynamic deployment of resource.

Antony Marke, director passenger services, OmniServ, explains: “The app enables the employee to engage with the passenger no matter what language or question asked.

“We use a version of Google translate to enable the employee to communicate and allow internet searches to ensure we are always ready to help.”

Omniserv provides a range of services to 100 plus airports globally, including 30 gateways within the USA and 15 within the UK, including at the world's third busiest Heathrow.

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