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NEWS Last modified on August 11, 2014

High-tech customs kiosks installed at Mineta San José

Mineta San José International Airport and the US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) have announced the installation of two automated Global Entry kiosks in International Arrivals.

Existing Global Entry members arriving from international destinations use the technology-driven programme, which enhances security and expedites passengers through the inspection process at federal customs check-points.

Brian Humphrey, CBP director of field operations in San Francisco, says the kiosks give travellers the ‘advantage of expedited processing and reduced wait times’.

Travellers proceed to Global Entry kiosks, present their machine-readable passport or US permanent resident card, place their fingertips on the scanner for fingerprint verification, and make a customs declaration.

The kiosks then issue them a transaction receipt and directs the passenger to the baggage claim and the exit, and is open to US citizens, nationals, lawful permanent residents, and citizens of certain other countries.

Global Entry and the Transportation Security Administration's (TSA) Pre-Check program are linked so members can also obtain expedited security screening when flying domestically.

SJC's director of aviation, Kim Becker Aguirre, adds: “Our International Arrivals facility serves up to 600 international arriving passengers a day on All Nippon Airways from Tokyo, Alaska Airlines from Cabo San Lucas and Guadalajara and Volaris from Guadalajara.

"As SJC's international passenger activity continues to grow, Global Entry is one solution to expediting travellers and enhancing their experience as they end their journey in San José."

Travellers must be pre-approved for the Global Entry programme and participation is voluntary.

It costs applicants a $100 non-refundable application fee and they have to undergo a rigorous background check and interview before enrollment. And upon approval, membership is valid for five years.

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