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NEWS Last modified on August 14, 2014

Exhibition at Miami International captures Florida's nostalgic 1950s

Miami International Airport is now ‘transporting’ passengers back to 1950s Florida with a Silver Springs photography exhibition.

The collection of 20 black-and-white underwater prints by photographerBruce Mozert, who created some of the most memorable kitsch photography in the era of Florida’s tourism marketing boom.

The exhibit is display near Miami International’s Gate D-31, and is being presented by the Miami-Dade Aviation Department’s (MDAD) Division of Fine Arts and Cultural Affairs in collaboration with photographer Gary Monroe, who selected the 20 prints that capture the nostalgic times in all their whimsical glory.

Silver Springs, tucked away in the middle of Florida, has drawn teams of visitors to its crystal clear waters since pre-Civil War days and saw a surge in popularity in the 1940s, largely due to Mozert’s publicity photographs.


A renowned innovator in underwater photography, Mozert’s vivid images of beautiful models in Florida’s pristine waters were sent out on wire services from the 1940s through the 1970s, attracting snowbirds and tourists in droves.

Yolanda Sánchez, MDAD fine arts and cultural affairs division director, explains: “Mozert’s photography represents an important aspect of Florida’s social and cultural history, and his iconic underwater images are sure to entertain travelers of all ages.

“The exhibit provides passengers with some nostalgic, light-hearted fun, and given MIA’s long history in Florida’s tourism industry, it is a perfect addition to our rotating art programme.”

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