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NEWS Last modified on August 14, 2014

Copenhagen Airports reports 7.3% growth in passenger numbers

Copenhagen Airports has reported a 7.3% growth in passenger numbers in the first half of 2014.

The increase it explains lifted both revenue and profit before tax, and the operator says it retains its full-year forecast.

Passenger numbers at Copenhagen Airport increased by 7.3% to 12,355,999, meaning for the first time ever, the gateway achieved more than 12 million travellers in the first six months of a year.

The growth in passenger numbers lifted revenue by 7.4%, and profit before tax was up by 9% to DKK 593.3 million (€79.5 million).

Copenhagen Airports says the growing passenger numbers, reflecting higher airline load factors and the full year effect of new routes started up in 2013, lifted revenue from the aeronautical segment by 10.4%.

In the first six months of 2014, international traffic grew by 7.5%, long-haul traffic grew by 6.8%, transfer traffic was up by 13.5%, and domestic traffic rose by 4.9%.

Revenue in the non-aeronautical part of the business was up 3.5%, generated by a 5.6% increase in shopping centre revenue, a 3.6% increase in hotel revenue, and a 6.6% increase in parking revenue.

Copenhagen Airport's CEO, Thomas Woldbye, comments: “The growth in passenger numbers was particularly strong in Q2, and the growth on intercontinental routes and in transfer traffic have supported Copenhagen Airport's position as the key hub of northern Europe.

“It also shows that we are achieving the goals we have set in our world class hub strategy.”

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