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NEWS Last modified on August 18, 2014

daai and JAATO sign MoU

The Dublin Airport Authority (daai) and the Joint Aviation Authorities Training Organisation (JAATO) have signed an memorandum of understanding (MoU) to deliver training programmes.

Daai senior vice president Kevin O’Driscoll, and JAATO director Joost Jonker, Director, have formalisd the two firms co-operation by signing the MoU.

Both will co-operate in delivering training programmes for aviation professionals in Ireland and surrounding regions, as well as in developing the training capabilities of the Dublin International Aviation Training Academy with JAATO’s advisory and training services.

Joost Jonker, explains the importance of the co-operation by referring to both parties’ missions and objectives to further improve European aviation know-how, safety and security.

The training programs consist of joint training programmes, workshops, conferences, seminars, as well as joint developments such as ICAO Standardized Training Packages (STP).

The training will be delivered in Ireland, at the premises designated by daai, for aviation professionals and other qualified individuals.

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