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NEWS Last modified on August 26, 2014

Innovative pop-up restaurant opens at Copenhagen Airport

Innovative gourmet food and social interaction are the focus of a new pop-up restaurant called Hallo Hello at Copenhagen Airport.

The eatery is operated by SSP and I’m a Kombo and is open until September 14, and part of the Copenhagen Cooking Food Festival.

Entrepreneurs Lasse Askov and Bo Lindegaard aim to offer food experiences focusing on social interaction, with travellers being challenged to share a three-course menu with a stranger.

It is open every day from 11.30am to 8.30pm, and located airside outside the duty and tax-free store after security.


Karen Bender, e-commerce & marketing director at Copenhagen Airport, explains: “Copenhagen Airport is at the front of the queue, ready to share good dining experiences with our visitors and give them something to write home about.

“In fact, we know that more than one in two passengers travels alone, which gives us a unique opportunity to give these people an experience they can share with a person they don't know and take happy memories with them.

"It is very important to us to offer a variety of gastronomic experiences, catering to any taste and budget.


“For this reason, we have a wide range of coffee shops and restaurants, and we are always looking for opportunities of offering travellers an unexpected gastronomic experience.

“This is what we have now, as the pop-up restaurant Hallo Hello offers unique gastronomic experiences of a special social nature.”

Hallo Hello offers a three-course menu focusing on seasonal ingredients with a choice of a meat menu or a fish menu.

The restaurant is designed so guests will share a table, and the tray presented by the waiter will serve both as a tray and a tabletop with space for things guests will share.


The last course is served in a goody bag, which the guest can take along and share on his or her flight.

Lasse Askov and Bo Lindegaard, ofI’m a Kombo, explain: “The objective is to establish a dialogue between two travellers who would otherwise never have talked with each other.

“We do so by offering them a dining experience where travellers who do not know each other meet and share a meal. Hopefully, they will take this mood along to their flight and when they travel into the world.”

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