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NEWS Last modified on August 28, 2014

Cochin International to deploy high-tech robotic security system

India's Cochin International Airport (CIAL) is deploying a high-tech robotic security system developed by Canadian firm Pedsco - in order to further enhance passenger safety and security.

The technology is estimated to have cost around $120 million, and the system will be installed sometime next month.

Cochin International will also be installing a threat containment vessel (TCV) and a sophisticated luggage containment vehicle, both of which have been manufactured by US-based firm Nabco.

All of the equipment is currently in the calibration stage at the airport, which is known for adopting innovative technology.

The remote mobile investigator (RMI)-9WT is already being used in the Americas by the police, fire departments and the military, as well as nuclear and industrial institutions.

The robot is a lightweight, battery-operated multi-purpose vehicle that can be used for remote handling of improvised explosive devices (IEDs), hazardous chemicals, radioactive materials and in other hazardous situations.

The RMI-9WT is a six-wheeled vehicle with removable tracks for step-climbing capability, and also has dual extension front arms with a high-lifting capacity manipulator.

As the main equipment of the security system, the TCV is capable of handling suspicious luggage and repeated detonations.

CIAL managing director, VJ Kurian, explains it is part of the gateway’s commitment to passengers and ensuring the airport has flawless safety and security, and adds: "It represents the leading edge of airport safety. We always support the advancement of technology especially in safety issues."

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