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NEWS Last modified on September 3, 2014

Super-hub planned for Mexico City

Mexico's president says his country is now planning a massive new $9.15 billion airport which will eventually handle 120 million passengers a year and it will be developed into the world's busiest, according to reports.

Reuters claims president Enrique Peña Nieto explained in his annual state-of-the-nation address, that the new Mexico City Airport would have six runways, up from the two the current Benito Juarez Airport has.

He says in the report it will aim to eventually surpass the world's busiest airport, Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, which handled more than 94 million passengers in 2013.

Peña Nieto says he will present the airport plan today, but did not say how quickly the airport would reach its design capacity, or when construction would begin.

Without a new gateway, the government of Mexico is said to be concerned the country may lose competitiveness, limits Mexico’s connectivity, restrains trade and investment, and creates delays.

The government has said the airport will be located next to the current hub on the eastern flank of Mexico City, where the government already owns land.

The current hub Benito Juarez handled 31.5 million passengers in 2013, and the new gateway would replace this, as the capacity is stretched to the limit at Mexico's principle airport.

Benito Juarez is Latin America's second busiest after Sao Paulo's Guarulhos International Airport, regularly exceeds maximum operating capacity, and a new city airport has been discussed for years.

Consortiums previously submitted bids to design the airport’s terminal, including Mexican and international architects, and among them were Foster + Partners and Fernando Romero, and Teodoro González de León and TAX, led by Alberto Kalach.

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