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NEWS Last modified on September 3, 2014

Blue Grass Airport to receive funding for taxiway upgrade

Blue Grass Airport has been awarded federal funding to carry out its Taxiway Safety Enhancement Program.

The project will enhance operational safety and improve the efficiency of aircraft movement at the gateway in Lexington, Kentucky, and is planned in accordance with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and the airport's 2013 Master Plan.

The multi-year initiative will require the relocation of the airport’s existing Maintenance/Snow Removal Equipment Complex and Public Safety Building to allow the realignment of the primary taxiway.

Ground is also to be broken this month on a new $15 million Maintenance/Snow Removal Equipment Complex, to house 23 pieces of snow removal equipment used during the winter.

To properly store the equipment and allocate land for necessary elements of the Taxiway Safety Enhancement Program, a new 63,000 square foot facility will be built near the southwest corner of the airport's site.

Eric Frankl, executive director of Blue Grass Airport, explains: “Today’s funding announcement is an important first step in Blue Grass Airport’s ability to move forward on this multi-year initiative.


“The airport’s Master Plan identified the importance of this program and included valuable input from airport stakeholders. We are very appreciative of the leadership and funding support of the FAA as well as our partnership with Congressman Andy Barr and his team.”

The Maintenance/Snow Removal Equipment Complex is an essential component to maintaining winter weather operations, and will provide an additional 20,000 square feet for this equipment and space for vehicle maintenance, deliveries, warehouse storage and other day-to-day maintenance functions.

Construction is set to be completed by the autumn of 2015, and partners on the complex include Messer Construction, Connico Inc. (program management) and Parsons Brinckerhoff (design).

The entire Taxiway Safety Enhancement Program is expected to conclude sometime in 2018.

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