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NEWS Last modified on September 4, 2014

Ankara Esenboğa becomes first carbon-neutral airport in Turkey

Ankara Esenboğa Airport has become the first carbon-neutral airport in Turkey after reaching the top level in the Airport Carbon Accreditation programme.

Operated by TAV Airports, the gateway has neutralized its carbon emissions, which is the driving factor in climate change, and offset the remaining amount by investing in clean energy.

Esenboga becomes the first airport in Turkey to reach this level, and the gateway to the Turkish capital, is now listed among the 17 airports to achieve carbon-neutrality worldwide, in the initiative launched by ACI Europe, but run independently.

Last year it handled 10,928,000 passengers, and Esenboğa Airport commenced a series of practices in order to use the energy efficiently without compromising the passenger comfort.

They included automatic lighting control, using LED fixtures, trigeneration plant producing power, heating and cooling energy from natural gas.

As a result of these practices, which were audited by independent institutions, Esenboğa Airport certified with the level of 3+ Neutrality in the Airport Carbon Accreditation programme.


Nuray Demirer, TAV Esenboğa general manager, explains: “Our business model takes sustainability as a core value. Whilst increasing passenger satisfaction and service quality, we aim to limit our environmental effects.

“In Esenboga, CO2 emissions per passenger decreased by 10% in 2013 compared to the previous year, as a result of our efforts to increase energy efficiency.

“The remaining part is offset in co-operation with a hydroelectric power plant. This way, we supported clean energy production that covers the CO2 amount released to the atmosphere in 2013 as a result of our operations.

“We are glad to be a pioneering brand in Turkey in this area. We aim at creating the highest value for all our stakeholders, while benefiting the society in general."

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