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NEWS Last modified on September 5, 2014

POPS adds fizz to Tulsa International concession programme

Tulsa International Airport has added a new retail outlet that will offer passengers the chance to experience one of Oklahoma’s most popular Route 66 restaurant destinations – POPS.

The airport will be the only location in Tulsa selling the soda ranch’s most popular flavours, including cherry, lemon-lime, root beer, and bacon.

The Paradies Shops, the retail concession operator at Tulsa International, had formed a successful partnership with POPS for their Oklahoma City operation and is confident that the concept would be well received in the Tulsa market.

Airports director, Jeff Mulder, feels that the addition is a positive step for the gateway's customers: “POPS offers our customers an experience unique to Oklahoma. Their brand exudes fun, cheerfulness, and refreshment – all things that will improve a traveller’s experience.”

Paradies has operated the retail concession programme at TUL since January 2004.

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