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NEWS Last modified on September 5, 2014

Heathrow Airport Ltd awarded Chinese visitors charter

Heathrow Airport Ltd was today awarded a new charter mark declaring it is fit to welcome Chinese visitors.

The GREAT China Welcome Charter was launched in March by Visit Britain to make Great Britain the destination of choice for the rapidly-growing Chinese market.

Visitors from China have doubled in the last five years and tourism bosses hope they will treble again by 2020.

The charter now has close to 200 members, and is designed to help Chinese visitors easily identify hotels, attractions, retailers and tour operators that are making themselves ‘China-ready’ by providing information in Chinese and adapting their products for the market.

Air China is set to double its flights from Heathrow to Beijng in October, and it will have 51 departures per week to the mainland from the autumn and 50 to Hong Kong.

Chris Butler, airline business development director, says: “China is one of the most valuable markets for the UK and Heathrow is the only airport in the country able to offer regular, direct flights to both Hong Kong and cities in the mainland.

“We all gain culturally and economically with closer links there, which is why we were delighted to announce Air China’s doubling of services from Heathrow to Beijing, and why we have recently produced a travel guide in Mandarin for Chinese passengers to help provide them with more information about Heathrow when they arrive.”

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